City of Cottonwood Shores
Recreation Needs Survey
Available 6-17-19-2018 thru 8-31-2019

The City of Cottonwood Shores is conducting a citizen survey to determine the City’s current and future recreation needs. This city requests your participation in this very important survey. The survey is part of the City’s effort to develop a Master Plan for Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces. The needs assessment is the first step in this process which will identify WHAT recreational opportunities need to be constructed within Cottonwood Shores and WHERE those recreational opportunities need be constructed.

Once the needs for recreation construction and the best possible locations have been determined, the City will develop a grant application for submission to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for funding to construct a park that contains most if not all of the items identified as needs. In order for the City to secure the best park possible for the city, we need your help completing a recreational needs survey.

There are 23 recreational items that have been recommended for possible inclusion in the proposed park. Mark the ones you and your family want the most. Each member of your family may take the survey. Each person should only take the survey ONCE.

The survey asks respondents indicate which elements they feel are most important to have in the future park. You do not have to rank all of the elements: only rank the ones you choose. Please take the survey and ASK ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO TAKE IT TOO.